New Village Ghana – Garden Community Ghana

The New Village Ghana is a foundation created by Kwabena Deneth (Hamburg and Ghana). On more than 40 hectares of land (400,000 m²) a rural business incubator is being built. Currently, some houses have already been built in mud, giving a boost to the ancient art of building. A well has been built deep enough to have water even in very dry years and to maintain the plantations of forest, vegetables and cereals. The soil improvement increases the percolation capacity, which means that much more water reaches the groundwater in the rainy season.

The New Village Ghana Foundation will provide the land, buildings and water systems. To encourage the establishment of many small family businesses, the young people will also learn business management as part of their training. Kwabena is a successful entrepreneur who can impart this knowledge from experience. A young man who had almost given up hope has now been able to start his own small business with animal husbandry.

One focus will be regenerative agriculture and horticulture. Besides solar energy for power supply and the wells, wood gas technology will become a separate focus. This can be used to cook very efficiently and cleanly, while at the same time producing charcoal for composting into Terra Preta. The first vegetable cultivation was very successful and caused incredulous amazement among the locals. Detailed descriptions can be found in the book “New Village for New Earth – Concrete Visions of the Future for City, Land and Sea” by Ralf Otterpohl. The book “The New Village” gave Kwabena the inspiration for this project.

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