New Village Ghana

Many years ago I met Kwabena Denteh, a very sympathetic Ghanaian who lives as an arts and crafts dealer in Hamburg. I had told him about Moringa trees as an essential element of permaculture. He was enthusiastic and I then forgot about the meeting. At an Africa fair about three years later, he enthusiastically brought me to his stand and showered me with thanks! A whole market trailer with self-produced moringa products! ashanti-hamburg

I gave him my book “The New Village” (new edition coming March 2023). He read it the next day on the flight to Ghana and decided to do something like that in his home country. At the next meeting, about two years ago, he had bought 41 ha (410,000 m²!) of land in Ghana, not too far from a big city but very rurally protected. In a short time, moringa cultivation, planting of a forest, some clay buildings and first vegetable cultivation with Hünerkot Terra Preta were established. Unbelievable! He gives local people fields of action and some are already doing it independently and honestly. These people had almost given up hope.

In Feb. 2023 I had another meeting with Kwabena at my institute in Hamburg. In the meantime, he had a deep solar well drilled, because without water nothing works and great damage to the cultivation of trees and crops would be imminent. He now wants to expand the permaculture practice and school. One can learn there by participating and then also help with the training of the young people. The need is huge!

I will now support the project with my team and am looking for contributors! You can help in Ghana (safe, good travel, gladly also at short notice, simple accommodation in a clay building available, participation and own financing are necessary). Gladly also from here or locally as internship or Bachelor / Master thesis. Prerequisite is work in English. A Ghana trip with project support visit can be arranged. (Request with keyword “Ghana” to ro ÄTT tuhh.de)

We had a project meeting in June 2023. A small support team will travel to the project in Sept. 2023 and Kwabena will be there, too. A few more people can be helpful if, they are willing to get hands on experience and finance the tour. Bed and wholseom meals in relatively comfortabel conditions will be provided (for 2 to 3 Month minimum). More donations are very welcome; thanks to those who have donated. Money goes 100% into the often relatively low costs in Ghana.

Ralf Otterpohl, June 2023

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