The Technical University of Hamburg, Institute for Wastewater Management and Water Pollution Control, helped inspire and support the project. We are looking for contributors! You can help in Ghana (safe, good travel, gladly also at short notice, simple accommodation in earthen building available, participation and own financing are necessary). Gladly also from here or locally as internship or Bachelor / Master thesis. Prerequisite is work in English. A Ghana trip with project support visit can be arranged. We expect a stay of 2 to 3 month, travel const have to be covered but bed and wholesome meals will be provided.
(Request with keyword “Ghana” to ro ÄTT

Earmarked donations of € 200 or more are currently urgently requested via our non-profit association (please send a short email for further arrangements), certificates will of course be issued. Information for small donations is still being prepared and will follow here soon. Large donations can be used to build/plant something locally. At the moment, Euros can still make a big difference.

Ralf Otterpohl
Febr. 2023

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